A Letter to My Daughter: The First of Many

by Ashley on August 20, 2013

photoI dream of you.

At night and during the day. Every time I sleep, you are there. Even when I don’t see you, you’re in the background somewhere. I know because of the way I behave in the dream. I do things and don’t do things because I have a daughter.

Before you were born, I dreamed of you.

We found out on your birthday whether you were a boy or a girl. But my dreams told me long before I saw your face.

Before I was pregnant, I dreamed of you.

Even when I don’t remember any dreams, I know you visited me.

I try not to daydream of you because if I did, I’d never think of anything but you.

But just as in my dreams, I can’t prevent my thoughts from returning to you.

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