About me

I think I’m generally a good person. I do good work, I’m a good wife, a good daughter, a good friend, a good Christian. Sure I’ve made mistakes, but generally, I’m “good.” But I’ve realized what I really mean is that I’m good enough.

But good enough and simply being good is holding me back. That belief, that I’m done improving, is stopping me from becoming great. “Good” has become the bare minimum for many of us, and I’m not satisfied with that anymore. I’m resolving to work toward greatness. For myself, for my husband, my family, my friends and, most important, for my God.

This won’t be easy. I will fail often. But I will keep trying, and I will no longer be satisfied with good enough.

About this blog

I discovered a while back that I can’t think intensely inside my own brain. That, of course, seems like a very illogical thing to say. But wrapping my mind around the ideas and concepts and conundrums and quandaries that I come across every day requires me to talk it out. I have to hear my thoughts out loud to organize and understand them. And I prefer to talk to other people rather than my cats. (Some folks frown upon that.)

Because I “listen” to words as I write them, this is a good way to sort my thoughts. It’s also public, so I hope my friends will help keep me on track with my goals for personal improvement.

I encourage you to stop being satisfied with good enough, too, but that’s not what this is about. I’m preaching to myself. I’d love to hear your thoughts.